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Why some Toner is So cheap ? Why some Toner is expensive ? How to Differentiate the toner.

The toner kinds :

1.Differentiate by Product Process

Physical toner

Material: Solid resin, Magnetic material,Pigment, CCA, Lubricant, ect

Product Process : Mix, Heat, Melt, Solidify, Stir,Sort

Feacture : Uneven toner particles, poor fluidity, and high waste powder rate , and the production cost is high .

Chemical Toner

Material: Pigment, CCA, Lubricant, ect

Product Process: Agitation, Aggregation, Cleaning

Feacture : The toner particles are uniform and stable, good liquidity,and the waste powder rate is low. The production technical difficulty is high, it is easy to cause pollution, and the production cost is high.

2.Differentiate by electric charge

Positively charged toner and negative charged toner

Positively charged toner (Lenovo)

Negative charged toner (HP)

3.Differentiate by magnetic

Magnetic toner and Non-magnetic toner

Magnetic toner (HP)

Non-magnetic toner (Samsung)

4.Differentiate by component

Single component toner and double component toner

Single component toner (Without developer)

Double component toner (With Developer)

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