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  • Merry Christmas , and Happy New Year 2023

    In 2022, we suffer many , someone have lost Job , someone have lost family menber , Someone have suffered the Sickness, Someone have gone bankrupt... But if we can keep health in 2023 and in future , I think this is the best . Merry Christmas , and Happy New Year 2023 !!!

  • To know the compatible goods

    Why some compatible parts, you think their quality is very well, And You have used them in a long time , haven’t any problem. One day , you replace a another part. You find these parts make many troubles suddenly ,even use the new one can't solve the problem also. Why like this . First , let me to know what is compatible goods. Compatible goods is the substitute for the new original goods. People want the cheap parts than original goods .So the compatible product appear in Market. But here many compatible goods in Market . Different with Genuine goods , The compatible goods have different quality , Because them from many many compatible manufacture.If some manufacture haven’t a good product condition to manufacture, the product quality may be poor. On the contrary, some manufacture can made some good quality goods . But if you think the good quality product is good goods , I think you are wrong . Because The machine have many parts , They cooperate with each other , so that the Print and copy duty can finish. If the good quality product have a compatible problem with another parts , I don’t think it is the best . The good goods , which need a long life and a good effect , haven’t a compatible problem with other parts. But most of compatible product have compatible problem. The question of the article top also a compatible problem , Because you have change another parts , the compatible problem follow . So, how to solve the problem ? I just can said that haven’t a good way to deal, you just can change different manufacture parts to solve . As you know , before a machine appear in Market , need many test.So that it can work in your office well. The parts compatible test,ect. Many manufacture haven't a good test condition , so many compatible parts have some compatible problem.

  • Why some Toner is So cheap ? Why some Toner is expensive ? How to Differentiate the toner.

    The toner kinds : 1.Differentiate by Product Process Physical toner Material: Solid resin, Magnetic material,Pigment, CCA, Lubricant, ect Product Process : Mix, Heat, Melt, Solidify, Stir,Sort Feacture : Uneven toner particles, poor fluidity, and high waste powder rate , and the production cost is high . Chemical Toner Material: Pigment, CCA, Lubricant, ect Product Process: Agitation, Aggregation, Cleaning Feacture : The toner particles are uniform and stable, good liquidity,and the waste powder rate is low. The production technical difficulty is high, it is easy to cause pollution, and the production cost is high. 2.Differentiate by electric charge Positively charged toner and negative charged toner Positively charged toner (Lenovo) Negative charged toner (HP) 3.Differentiate by magnetic Magnetic toner and Non-magnetic toner Magnetic toner (HP) Non-magnetic toner (Samsung) 4.Differentiate by component Single component toner and double component toner Single component toner (Without developer) Double component toner (With Developer)

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    Fujifilm Production Printer Filter by Category All Fujifilm Remanufactured Copier Sort by Revoria Press PC1120 Fujifilm Revoria Press PC1120 Price $850,000.00

  • Fujifilm Copier | Shenzhen Yeenm Technology Co.,ltd.

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  • Canon Production Printer | Yeenmtech

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