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Printwindow Help Center

  • Why some Express is faster ?
    Here is many Express service supplier . And Different Supplier offer different Date delivery service also.
  • What Payment way you can use ?
    1.Bank Card 2.Credit Card 3.Paypal
  • How to get the cheap price ?
    The Printwindow have retail and wholesale service. If you just want several pcs , only have retail price for you. If you have wholesale demand , can contact us by this email :
  • How to know more price of us ?
    As you know , we can‘t show all the product price in web . If you have the demand , can send your demand list to our email : Our worker will check and send back the quotation through email.
  • Why I get my package in a long time ?
    There is the several sale busy season in every year. All Chinese package will sell to all over the world , The air line can't carry all package in 1 time. Many package pile up , and need to wait the other airplane. That's why your package , need to wait 2-3weeks in sale busy season. And some weather reason , will delay the shipping date also , like big snow , big thunderstorm , Typhoon ,some bad weather. Especial , this year , Because the virus , shipping delay is often . When virus case happen in somewhere , somewhere will be blockaded at 2-3 weeks.
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